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SHILI is not an ordinary artist in a sense. He has his own unique understanding of life and faith, his artwork is combined with his poetry.He is curious about the world and insists on telling the truth, experiencing different lives and experimenting with different artistic styles.

In the beginning, his works were diverse. After, he had two directions: one is the traditional Chinese philosophy and culture, the recluse works inspired by holding commandments and practicing. The other is the series of works of cruel youth, which is created by his boredom and rebellion against the real world. As he said in his own metaphor: “You are a sharpening stone that makes me as sharp as a sword!

Diametrically opposed directions, two extremes, Shi stretches to both ends with his artworks, transcending the depth and breadth of life.

<New Art>Jan,2021

makes me as sharp as sword

“Love to Dream, Flying in the Future, Want to be an Incredible Man”.

Shi,Li (Shi,zhigang):Contemporary artist, poet.

Born in China. Lives and works in Montreal, Canada

Postgraduate from the Capital Normal University in Beijing, majoring in materials and techniques of classical oil painting and tempera.

His style has been transformed from Classical to Abstract.

His works have been selected by National Art Exhibition, exhibited, awarded internationally (USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc.), collected and represented by museums, galleries and art institutions.

Prime Minister and House of Commons of Canada awarded Certificates of Contribution to Arts culture.

Published in ‘Hebei Arts Literature'(1978-2011), ‘The Contemporary Oil Painting-Youth Album’, ‘The Construction Knowledge a+a’, ‘Hebei Youth Poetic Canon’, ‘Hebei Poems’ (1978-2011), ‘The Chinese Poetry’, etc.

Director and Deputy Secretary General of Hebei Oil Painting Society. Member of ‘Table Ronde l’ArtofTown of Mont-Royal’, Espace d’Expressions et de Création Canada, Hebei Provincial Art Association & Composition Association.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2022| Reconstitution|SHILI|Espace d’ Expressions et de Création| Montréal, Canada

2019| Commencement|SHILI|Espace d’ Expressions et de Création| Montréal, Canada

2015|Attraction|SHILI|Hebei Province Oil Painting Association, West- Mountain Versailles Club|Shijiazhuang, China

2015|Cruel-Youth, Draw-Music-Act-Read Multiart| SHILI with Friends| Velvet Underground Center| Shijiazhuang, China

2014|From this shore to that shore| 798 HIHEY Gallery, Beijing,China

2012|Cloud on the day| Hebei Poets Salon| Hebei Province Library

Selected Group Exhibition:

2022|ASEAN International Contemporary Art Exhibition | Contemporary Art Research Center,Asia

2022|”Character” Beijing Tj Sjz city spring open art exhibition|Hebei province oil painting society

2021|30th “Black History Month” Art Festival | Montréal, Canada

2020|Un Art en Reaction | Montréal, Canada

2019|Representational&Abstract—Formalism|Andy Gallery New York, U.S

2018|MACÉRATION|Espaced’Expressions et de Création| Montréal-Nord, Canada

2015-2016| 36 Cities of China Arts|Travel Show| Shanghai, Beijing, etc.

2014|China-Germany International Cultural Exchange Exhibition| China Foreign Cultural Exchange Association & German Bell Art Center| Hamburg, Germany

2014|Nanjing International Art Festival |Nanjing, China

2013|Exchange Exhibition of New York University&Shangyuan Art| New York, U.S

2011|No Idle Talk|International Independent Art Biennale,|Beijing, China

2004|2009|The 10th 11th National Art Exhibition |Hebei Art Museum

2008|National Art Teachers Communication Exhibition| Art Museum, Beijing

2000|Famous Artist’s painting for the Olympic Games| Sydney, Australia

Selected award:

2021|ART& Cultural Certificate| Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

2020|ART&Cultural Certificate|Steven Guilbeault, Canadian House of Commons

2010|Excellence Award|the 9th National Watercolor Art Exhibition|China Artists Association| Ningbo Art Museum, China

2010|the Bronze Award| Hebei Province 2010 Watercolor Art Exhibition|Hebei Art Museum

2004|2009|Choosen in Hebei Province of the 10th 11th National Art Exhibition |Hebei Art Museum

1997|the Excellence Award|97’Maple Leaf International Ink Painting Exhibition |Canada -Taiwan

ART& Cultural Certificate| Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Interview for SHILI
ART&Cultural Certificate|Steven Guilbeault, Canadian House of Commons